Recently Learned Lessons

By: Jonathan Noble

If one is bound and determined to drive over a cliff,
Then the question is no longer ‘if’ but when and how
And you can stand in their way for only so long . . .

If someone is determined to cling to foolish fantasy
Then the question is not ‘if’ but for how long and why
And you may not understand the reason
And you cannot take their fantasy away . . .

If one is hell-bent on cleaving to an unhealthy relationship
Then the question is not ‘if’ but how long they will be blind
And you cannot make them see, for even when they see
They will blind themselves again and still cling to the other

You have your own path laid out before you,
So do not stray from that path even for another;
Help if you can help, but do not destroy yourself:
You may as well try to lasso the moon
As to teach a fool wisdom
Or to rescue the self-deluded from a sick relationship

Do not allow yourself to be pulled over the cliff;
Do not enter into the fantasy of the foolish;
Do not become entangled in another’s relationship;
Be wise and discerning, focused, determined and constant
While bearing the fruit of the Spirit of God

Jonathan David Noble is an essayist, poet, cultural critic and social service volunteer, who currently resides in Dothan, Alabama. Jonathan Noble holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, with a double-minor in English and Latin from Troy State University (Troy, Alabama), and a Master of Arts degree in Christian studies from Wesley Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi.) Furthermore, he has earned post-graduate certification in Information and Referral Services through AIRS (Alliance of Information and Referral Specialists); certification in Integrative and Complementary Healthcare, certification in Integrative Mental Health; and certification in Spirituality, Health & Healing through ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC.

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