A spring day at the beach

A spring day at the beach. Do you want to go with me to the beach and watch water, mountains in the distance, birds, the dog and beautiful scenery.
I’m happy to experience and photograph the beautiful in nature, the dog’s happiness is running in the water and on the beach, the birds’ happiness is that it’s spring. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger. More pictures you can look at naturfoton.me

Spring at the forest lake

Spring at the forest lake. At the shaded side of the lake lies the ice stubbornly left, even though the sun melts it more and more for every day. Many different birds as common teal, common goldeneye, common crane and mallard showed up their self when I was going to photograph, but they stayed teasing on the other side of the lake. Just in that moment, I wished I could zoom even more with the camera and still maintain the sharpness. But I am pleased to meet the beautiful nature and all the birds. On the last picture, the cranes trumpet exactly at the same time. Their cry echoes over the lake and spread out beyond the trees in the woods. It is amazed what strong voice they have, I do not think my beautiful voice will be heard as well 🙂 The pictures here are taken before the last snowy weather, so I wonder how it looks up there in the woods right now. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger. More photos you can see on naturfoton.me

Gravel pit and spring brook

IMG_8228 (2)

Early one morning I run back and forth, where is the bike. Where did I put it this fall? Finally, I find it in a shed and pump the bicycle deck. The dog wants to come along with of course. We trample north after untouched gravel roads. It is very exciting to go after the road. Flowers, streams and beautiful farmland. A happy dog gets up with all the feet in the air. You can see more pictures on naturfoton.me

Winter Creek

IMG_2408 (2)

The spring and the winter have difficult to decide how they want the weather to be. One day it’s cold and snowing … the next day sun and warm. But the stream is still running through the woods whatever what weather it is. Water, ice and snow … all warm themselves in the sun. Press on the pictures to make them bigger. You can see more pictures of naturfoton.me

Brook in December

Usually in December, it is the snow this time with me. In the years it has been alternately hot and cold. All the snow has melted and the beautiful yellow autumn grass is again visible. The afternoon sun shines on the grass as gold. I’m as happy as can wander freely in nature and I want to share this happy feeling with you.


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