New Year, New You



Well the decorations are down, the champagne has been popped and everyone has kissed at the stroke of midnight. Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

Now the mince pies have disappeared for another year and the party invitations have slowed to a stop and it is time to get back into health and fitness mode. Have you made a new year’s resolution yet?

For many people, January is the time to start thinking new year, new you. All of the promises you didn’t follow through on last year can be forgotten and a fresh start can be made. If you want to make a fresh start this year and begin a journey to  new, healthier you but don’t know where to start, then here are a few places to begin.

Think About Your Diet

Sounds simple. But you need to think about everywhere you went wrong last year and put a plan in place to correct it. It is easy to say your going to start a diet or eat better, but it is possible you have done that unsuccessfully every year to date. Where did you fall down before? Were you too strict and depriving yourself so much has caused major binging? Did you just lack the motivation to actually stick to it? Have a serious chat with yourself and workout where you went wrong, this can help you be successful in the next 12 months.

Think About Your Workouts

Similar to your diet think about what you could have done better and which route you want to go down this year. Maybe you didn’t really know what you were doing in the gym last year and therefore just did the odd bit here and there and never really saw results. Maybe you reached your fitness goals last year and now you need a new plan to maintain them. Maybe your work or personal situation has changed from last year and you need to think of a new regime for fitness that fits around your new circumstances. Figuring all of this out now will help you moving forward.

Set Goals

Once you have worked out what went wrong before, you can start setting goals for the coming year. Start by making them realistic. Keep in mind what went wrong before when it came to your goals, if you tried to achieve too much too quickly, set a more realistic time frame this time around. If you weren’t strict enough with yourself previously, then set mini milestones every few weeks to measure your progress and keep you on track. Try giving yourself something to reward yourself with at the end which is going to keep you motivated. Maybe if you meet your goals you can reward yourself with a holiday at the end, an excuse to wear a bikini and show off your newly achieved bod?

Try Something New

A new year is about trying new things. Think about your health rather than just fitness. Could your health do with improvement? Maybe you need to try adding some supplements to your diet? Maybe you want to try adding fermented foods to your meal plan once a week to boost your immunity? Or maybe you want to stop drinking coffee all together and try green tea instead?

The same goes with fitness. Maybe gym sessions didn’t work for you last year so maybe you want to try mixing it up with some fitness classes instead? Or go running outside instead of going nowhere on a treadmill year round.  

Remember Fitness Can Be Fun


The possibility is that you failed to meet your goals last year in both fitness and nutrition because you simply bored yourself to death. Make it an aim to actually enjoy yourself when it comes to fitness and nutrition this year. This is why trying new things is so important.

If you found that hitting the gym became a miserable, lonely chore then try finding a like minded gym buddy that has similar goals for 2017. Make going to the gym or a fitness session a social event. Having someone relying on you to accompany them will give you a sense of responsibility to keep up with your workouts. Also, it can be a good laugh having someone alongside you.

The same goes for eating. Don’t think the only way to lose weight is by starving yourself on a diet of salad. In today’s online society there are so many websites offering free, healthy and more importantly tasty diet recipes. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons, master some new cooking skills and try exotic ingredients. Also, why not make it social? Throw a dinner party once a month and deliver a menu of the tastiest healthy dishes you have discovered in previous weeks! I’m sure your friends will not only love it, but enjoy the guilt free second helpings knowing everything is low on calories!

Make this year the one that the new you works and sticks! Happy New Year folks!

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Specter of the Happy New Year

By: Jonathan Noble

An end in sight but there is a bend, too, to be turned;
While not everything left behind us can be burned,
Yet there is the unknown, frightening yet exciting . . .
Will we meet another street like the one we are on?
Or will it be fresh, clean and serene for us to travel?
We glance at the clock at the crossing of this block
And tremble inside; we cannot abide where we are,
No matter how brightly shines our star;
We will go far in a mere few steps, dear;
Time chimes late into this night as we look for light,
Bright sun newly risen on horizon with anticipation
And hope for better pilgrimage in a much better age;
But we do not know and this shows in our very eyes!
Some won’t make it to the bend; it’ll truly be the end;
Some will go swinging around bringing holiday cheer
Never knowing the Reaper is near;
Yes, sadly, it will be their last year;
Some will round the corner in fear
Of the unknown, asking what seeds have been sown,
And when they are shown, all the fear will disappear
In the brand New Year in which we will hear shouts
Of glee and bitter cries, hellos and sad goodbyes . . .
But it comes, nevertheless, as surely as the sun rises;
So may the New Year bring you cheer, I say this day,
And may blessings fall upon all who are near and dear!

Note: Previously published on noblethemes. The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

How Mahayana Buddhists Celebrate New Year


By: Derek Welch

Mahayana Buddhism is the largest branch or sub-division of the Buddhist religion. Compared to the faith’s other forms like the Theravada, Mahayana Buddhists believe that enlightenment can be achieved during an individual’s single or current lifetime. Additionally, not only monks and nuns have the opportunity to achieve it but also of ordinary Buddhists. The goal for everyone is to become bodhisattvas through service and helping others to achieve nirvana as well. 

Mahayana Buddhism is the dominant faith of Northern and Eastern parts of Asia including China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Tibet. Among the key traditions include Zen, Tiantai, Korean Seon, Chinese Chan, Pure Land and Nichiren. Similar with all other cultures and traditions, New Year is a vital celebration for Buddhists although calendar dates for each country/tradition are different. Many Mahayana Buddhists celebrate it on December 31st or January 1 together with the rest of the world while others wait for the first full moon which usually falls mid-January.

Honoring and praying to their deities particularly Buddha is the most important activity for the New Year. On New Year’s Day, every Buddhist visits a nearby temple to light up candles which is considered to bring happiness and good luck for the coming year. Statues of Buddha are also bathed as a show of respect. Religious songs are also offered to the deities. Most Buddhists also meditate and reflect on their life situation in previous years trying to identify some of the faults and wrong decisions they have made in the past. Making things right is often a New Year’s resolution. Buddhists believe that buying new items, cleaning and redecorating the home and giving gifts can bring good luck. Sweets are never absent during feasting and of course, fireworks at midnight.

Holiday celebrations at Japanese Zen temples are rather solemn. Unique ceremonies start at about 5pm on New Year’s Eve where the individual starts to contemplate on his/her previous year’s life events. Again the goal is to “awaken” one’s self and make the necessary goals for next year. After which, the fire ceremony is observed. Buddhists are firm believers of karma or the positive and negative consequences of an individual’s actions. For Buddhists, negative karmas are considered fires in life and are noted to accumulate as time goes by. With the fire ceremony, an individual writes in a piece of paper symbolizing the relinquishment of karma. Afterwards, the paper is tossed in the fire which eventually signifies the reduction of the accumulated negative karma.

After cleaning up karma with fire, celebration and meditation follows at 7:30pm. At around 10:13pm, the bell ringing ceremony starts and will last until midnight or the 12:01am mark. And when New Year finally arrives, it’s the perfect time for merrymaking and feasting.

New Year for Buddhists in Thailand and Tibet

Among the countries with notable New Year celebrations include Thailand and Tibet. In Thailand where New Year is known as “Songkran”, the three-day celebration includes home cleaning, shopping new items, temple and house visits and the exchange of gifts. A unique merrymaking event in the country is the throwing or splashing of water to one another which everyone believes could cleanse sins and negative energies. The Tibetan New Year “Losar” is also celebrated for several days. Among the unique activities include the preparation and offering of special dishes to monks, decorating homes and making them shine with candles or lights, stage fights, dancing and general merrymaking and of course, the use of firecrackers.

In 2017, the New Year is celebrated on January 12th.

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Champagne Punch for the New Year!


Champagne Punch for 20

Please with ease for your New Year’s celebration!


8 Quarts champagne
2-6 oz. cans frozen orange juice
1-6 oz. can frozen limeade
2 Quarts soda water
2 Quarts 7-Up
1 Pint apricot brandy

Chill and Mix

Make ice ring (using 7-up or Soda).  Use fresh strawberries or raspberries as trim. 
Serves approximately 20 people.  (100- 4 oz. servings.)

Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

Breath Breeze Biddings

By: Jonathan Noble

Over the seas and through the valleys blows numinous breeze;

Over mountains grand and great forest stands, band of angels

Whisper sing to bring an extraordinary message from up above

In love expressed from an esoteric pool to school us in serenity;

There is a long song in the air to prepare us for a spiritual affair,

An Immanuel flare to repair the broken, which we dare not miss!

As Father Christmas bids New Year come, then let there be cheer

Among all who are near and dear without any thought of fear . . .

Season’s greetings and happy holy days with shining heart rays!

Note: Previously published on noblethemes. The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.