Be-Aware! of the clouds, In 2017


You said

We had our own sky

Only the clouds

Mis-lead us

By floating, And creating



Into our minds

Does that mean

We need to clear our visions?

Or, we need to clear the clouds?

I know,

The sky is there

And will be gone no-where,

Until we are gone !


What is the ultimate reason

For the reason?

To clear the sky?

Or, To clear the vision?


What is the sky?

What are the clouds?

Which ones are mine?

And, which ones are thy-ne?

We have our own sky,no matter where we lie, in the sky or in the clouds so high. The clouds float, cover our sky , hide our visions, for no good reasons and change like seasons. Why clouds are there?, everywhere, so that we care, and its no rare, to include the clouds, in our prayer?

These clouds distract us, our thoughts, our ultimate goals, and the good reasons, for which we are here on this Earth. So, What are our goals? To abolish the clouds, the wandering clouds and to clear our sky, clear our visions, for the good reasons and be a constant season? So that, our sky shines clearer, brighter and everyone admires its beauty.

The New Year 2017 starts. We have our own goals, dreams, thoughts and better visions  and resolutions for the year.Lets not let clouds mislead us,dis-tract us and create illusions into our minds. Lets make our sky beautiful,which shines like the diamond, inside this space.

We are here “Pax Et Dolor” team wishing you grand Happy New Year 2017 and wishing for abolish-ment of clouds from our sky-s.

Thank-You so much for being with us ! Your love and support is priceless.


@PaxEtDolor Magazine

#Be aware of the clouds !!!

Clouds concept-Roman



When You Are Really Ready


By: John D. Jungers

When you are ready to POSITIVELY, change you will change
Your life, living, and love,You will heartfully, and welcomingly,
Beautifully, change and for the better rearrange

Only when you to your own self, stay true, and you really are ready
Can you set realistic attainable doable goals,
And start your individual mission and quest,
To climb your mountain, strong, slow, progressive and steady

You can only climb your mountain, when you, deep inside
Of your heart, body, mind an soul, decide to rise up change and begin
Then breath by breath, by step by baby step by baby step . . .

No matter what obstacle may come your way, every day you continue
To fight the good fight, to succeed and climb your mountain,
Your mission, quest, and goals, and triumph and WIN baby WIN

Note: Image from Poem previously published in December 2016. The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.