Gravel pit and spring brook

IMG_8228 (2)

Early one morning I run back and forth, where is the bike. Where did I put it this fall? Finally, I find it in a shed and pump the bicycle deck. The dog wants to come along with of course. We trample north after untouched gravel roads. It is very exciting to go after the road. Flowers, streams and beautiful farmland. A happy dog gets up with all the feet in the air. You can see more pictures on

Beautiful Nature

IMG_0913 (2)

It is rarely we have so little snow in January. But this year there was a period of warm weather and almost all the snow melted away. Green moss on tree stump becomes like a colorful wig, heather, bark, feathers moving in the wind and the dog of course. A nice walk in the woods one day in January. Click on the pictures to make them bigger. You can see more pictures of

Winter Creek

IMG_2408 (2)

The spring and the winter have difficult to decide how they want the weather to be. One day it’s cold and snowing … the next day sun and warm. But the stream is still running through the woods whatever what weather it is. Water, ice and snow … all warm themselves in the sun. Press on the pictures to make them bigger. You can see more pictures of

Kick sledge on the ice

IMG_2260 (2)

A beautiful day to go kick sledge on the lake. At first I hesitated to go out on the ice … but then I saw a car on the lake. If ice holding for a car, then it should keep for me. Got some nice pictures of reeds, lake, snow and tracks. I also found a beautiful house in a beautiful location. Click on the image to make it larger. You can see more pictures of