Black grouse

IMG_9968 (2)

Here you can see a male. 50 cm. Large forest bird. The teat’s feather suit is shiny blue black, bright red whales over the eyes and the tail is black on the top and white on the underside. The hen and the young bird are sparsely gray-brown with a slightly twisted tail.
More or less common in southern Sweden, but is becoming more and more unusual the further up in the north one comes. Prefer open forest fields such as heaths, mosses and calygues. Sometimes go up to graveled woods to eat pebbles to help digestion. Eating berries, birch seeds seeds and shoots. During the summer, the young birds also eat insects, larvae and other small animals. More pictures you can see on

Gravel pit and spring brook

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Early one morning I run back and forth, where is the bike. Where did I put it this fall? Finally, I find it in a shed and pump the bicycle deck. The dog wants to come along with of course. We trample north after untouched gravel roads. It is very exciting to go after the road. Flowers, streams and beautiful farmland. A happy dog gets up with all the feet in the air. You can see more pictures on

The Ocean

By:- Stephen Fuller (S Francis)
February 1, 1988
The Ocean
rhythmic cadence
lull me to sleep
warm sand
soothes all worry
Ocean breeze
breath of Life
You- the Ocean
bite my neck
I bleed into your cup
overflowing with the love of God
give back that which spills
You- the Ocean
Summer day at the Ocean
Your face’s illumination- the Sun
Your gloom- a hurricane sky

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