Bangles of Bombay

I bought her the Bangles of Bombay,
Sleekly woven, delicately intertwined, and knitted soulfully,
Onto the hardened glass,
She gifted me her smile,
Celestially crafted, hypnotically bizarre and
yes, knitted skillfully,
Onto her hardened heart!


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A spring day at the beach

A spring day at the beach. Do you want to go with me to the beach and watch water, mountains in the distance, birds, the dog and beautiful scenery.
I’m happy to experience and photograph the beautiful in nature, the dog’s happiness is running in the water and on the beach, the birds’ happiness is that it’s spring. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger. More pictures you can look at

Path of love

By :- Roman

Awareness is beyond concentration

Love is a path to create

Dimensions that bridge


The traffics of mind.

Some pieces are puzzles

Some stones are disturbances


Love is the path without greed

To the doors of heaven

Where rivers of never-ending

Sounds of the Creator exist !!!

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