By:- Kim blades, writer

Under the trees fallen leaves
blowing through the grass
dance to please the wind,
while the gold stillness
of the afternoon sun
warms the fields
with the scent of hay.

Under the trees
meandering streamlets flow
water cold and clear
over flat smooth stones
mottled grey as a pigeon’s breast
soft water baths
for the wood nymphs.

Under the trees
all nature seems at work
living freely and cohesively
languid Summer, colourful Autumn
brittle Winter, honeyed Spring
lulled by birdsong sweetly sung
all year long.

Under the trees
sit young girls dreaming
of true love’s pure flame
burning noble and bright
fuelled by our earthly origins
it reads and translates
the language of the heart –

under the trees.

The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author. 


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