Depression: Taking the First Step

By: Patty Wolters

The sun and moon switch in the sky, every morning, every night. You, however, don’t want to get up, or you stare at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. The weather girl telling you another day without the sun is ahead of you, or you long for a long cold winter to numb your feelings. The love of your life no longer feels the same way about you. You got fired, you lost your house. Maybe, your physical health prohibits you from following your dreams. So many reasons why a person can get depressed.

Are you really depressed?

Every now and then, you feel down, don’t want to get up, or you get moody watching the weather girl, that doesn’t automatically mean you are depressed. Every human being has his/her ‘bad days’. I call that being depri, it is a Dutch abbreviation from depressie (depression). Taking a sick day, watching a movie and eating your favorite snacks, will make you feel better.

Do you feel gloomy every day, see only dark colors in your future? Feel like sleeping all day long, or aren’t able to sleep at all? Feel the need to eat constantly, or don’t have any desire to eat? Thoughts like “Why even bother, I will never feel happiness again” and maybe even “I just want to die?”

When you recognize all described feelings and situations and if they are applicable to you (almost) every day and for longer than two weeks in a row … Depression could be the reason why you feel stuck. Stuck in those painful emotions and thoughts. Overwhelmed by feelings of being alone and nobody understanding you.

You know you are depressed for sure?

Let me tell you… No… Let me reassure you: you are not the only one! I am a person who has to be aware of not becoming overwhelmed with sad and negative thoughts about the world around me and about myself. It took me a while to accept, that not everyone will understand me, or get what is important to me. That isn’t easy and feeling alone, in this world full of beautiful souls, well…that happens to me too.

If you become depressed once, you most likely will have to deal with depression throughout your life.

Now, that isn’t very hopeful, is it? That is why I wanted to write this article. To let you know, there IS hope. There really is!

Sure, you should go to a doctor, psychologist, therapist and if you google, you will find all the necessary information you need to educate yourself about this mental condition and where you can find the support you need. Did you know, for instance, food is also a big influence on how you feel? You don’t need to become the next famous bodybuilder; however, exercise can be helpful too. But…

Taking that first step, the first step back up that negative spiral, it will be tough. Reaching out to another person, ignoring those feelings of shame or being unworthy might seem impossible. You probably don’t even trust yourself anymore, and now I tell you to trust another soul?

Yes, I do. Because you know what? You have nothing left to lose…


Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


  1. You did a great job on the post. I think the only depression I have is the fact that before 12/20/2013, it took me 2 years to lose 205 pounds. I lost the weight by hiking before work, after work. Sword fighting, dancing, i was big on watching what I ate and I was proud at losing all that weight(113pds, i weighed). Until I was was crossing the street to catch the city bus to get to work and I was hit by a car. I still have lack of mobility in my hips and lower back. I still try and be active even though the pain can get the best of me..Especailly during the winter is when I find it more difficult and I feel alone and isolated, and my weight has gone up to 150lbs. I want to work but told I will never be able to do CNA work again was my biggest hurdle. My social life has declined because I really can’t get anywhere. Moral to all of this is finding a balance. Finding a on-line job(I am still looking). If I am looking in the mirror and I am not liking how I look, some one had taught me to sing ” I’m to sexy “. I know there are many individuals who are going through their own issues, thats why I think its great that there are people setting up pages to help others.

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    • Thank you for the compliment and sharing your personal story!
      That really must been such a hard period of time for you and I will keep my fingers crossed, you will find a job soon. I am a strong believer in ‘ everything happens for a reason’ and, no, to get hit by a bus..that is just very unfortunate, but a fighter like yourself…it WILL get better.
      Wish you all the best, XxX


  2. I love, really love this post. It is exactly how I feel. And the first thing I did for the past months, was accepting my feelings.
    I am not my feelings. My feelings are not me. But they are telling me something about myself. So I better can try to accept them. To ‘talk’ with them. Even when it is sunny and warm, I might feel depressed. And sometimes I do not feel depressed when the weather is bad for weeks. So…it has nothing to do with the weather girl or another person being nasty to me. It is about me. About how I feel. About what I should do or not do.
    And telling others how you feel? When you do so… start to realise, you are together. There is always someone who understands you. I understand you. Another one will understand me…. We are different. We never feel the same. But we will understand and accept and share particular feelings and emotions.
    Thanks so much for sharing this post and your feelings. I wish you a very lovely, understanding, heartwarming weekend. xxx

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