As the Winter Wind Winds



As the snow flies winter has finally arrived. The cold winter winds howl through the long blistery nights. It is now the season of joy and jubilee. But, it is also a time for reverence, peace and harmony. In a world that is around so many things are wrong but as they say time marches on we must move past what is really going on.

Bears are beginning to hibernate but along with the winter chill there is always the warmth of the hearth where flames burn bright. They cast their spell bringing memories to light. As I gaze into the flames more images appear. Long lost loves whose memories I still hold dear.

Through-out my life those puppy love romances we always have gave way to more passionate affairs. The innocence of youth disappeared when her hair came undone when I was 21. Some one would say that the years that followed I was either cursed or blessed. The women in my life many brought me to tears. I still think I was fortunate indeed for not once in my life but three times flames of desire burned bright through the years.

The bittersweet moments when the embers grow cold always left me out in the cold. The loneliness and solitude that often followed only strengthened my resolve. Holding my head up high always against the wind, not looking back but aiming straight ahead enabled me to move forward with each passing year. Now, that the days are getting shorter with the winter wind sending a chill through the air I rest easy in my old familiar chair. The fire in the hearth burns as bright as ever only heightens those precious memories of all those moments where flames of desire were so sweet and dear.

To think back if I did things differently the possibilities are endless of what could have been. But, as they say hindsight is just a young mans game. I have come to terms and made peace with myself. For all those could have been’s they never really did matter. For what it is worth Frank Sinatra couldn’t have said it better I have always done things “My Way.”

As the fire burns bright on this winters night I still look back with great fondness and joy. The flames of desire have never really ebbed. Those honey toned lips with perfume to match have always lingered through the years. That one great love so long ago when I was 21 with hair jet black and eyes so blue was the first of three great loves so true. Now that time has past and the winter wind blows memories of those great loves like the fire in the hearth still burn bright as ever giving warmth to the soul.

Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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