So Let It Be (SOC)

By: Jonathan Noble

I long to speak your name in love and sing your way to joy unbounded
In fields of green so serene, with water brooks flowing nearby
Glowing silver among slivers of gold in untold rapture of love
Unceasing, caressing the world in peace unleashed from souls
Woven into finest tapestry — all one — like children playing
Round Maypole, holding hands and dancing, prancing with deer
In sheer exultation of jubilation in this new year without fear,
When we sing a new song where we all belong and long for heaven
On earth, rebirth of what once was dead, now resurrected
Of new dawning when fawns lie down with lions and the adder is
But another ladder of joy for babes’ hands in holes in the ground
To sounds of delight in light shining under brilliant sun
Just begun to rise in high sky where the eagles fly with doves
And angels sing above, raining down feathers of emerald blessing,
Pressing pleasure into every soul that trods the sod and swims the sea
… So let it be
… So let it be 

Note: This is a stream of consciousness poem, and previously published on noblethemes. The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.



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