The Most Vibrant Cities to Visit at Christmas

By: Sathesh Alagappan

christmas-lights-150x150With Christmas only round the corner, traditional festivities around the world are beginning to blossom. For the most of us, we all have our own traditions for Christmas and our own way of celebrating it. But if you fancy something different this year, why not do some travelling? Experience a different culture of celebration, try out some new exciting foods and see what kind of traditions, other countries have across the globe. Whether your winter trip enhances the feeling of festive nostalgia, or even the sun brightens up your vacation, here is a fantastic list of some truly spectacular places to visit at Christmas.

New York, United States

What could be a better way to start things off, other than the Big Apple. The city of New York is perhaps one of the most vibrant and electrifying places to be over the Christmas period. America, being what it is go all out in completely lighting the place up.

The ice rink has been around for an incredible 79 years, but is topped by the enormous Christmas tree in central park, which has been going up for an even more impressive 84 years. With so much going on, it really is a special place to be, with hundreds of food and clothing stalls, there is simply nothing better than having a coffee and a pretzel wandering the city.         

Barcelona, Spain

Fancy a break from the cold? Barcelona is the place to be. The heat is just about right, so you’re not sweltering or shivering, but the City is spectacular over the festive period. If you can extend your Christmas break to until Three King’s Day which finishes on January 5th you are in for a real treat! It’s a huge festival with Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar parading through Barcelona.

Cannons are fired off, there are fireworks galore and then the mayor hands over the keys of the city, the magic of the Magi commences. The parade has a magnificent cavalcade of floats, with camel’s elephants and giraffes. If you want something a bit different this is definitely the place to be!

Lapland, Finland

Perhaps the most magical place to be on Christmas. This is where as a parent, you could earn some serious brownie points. Despite legends having us believe that Santa Claus comes from the North Pole, the Finnish have set us up, with a rather brilliant alternative.

Lapland in Finland is like Christmas HQ, it is everything that we are told as children. Filled with reindeers and elves. Not to mention the big fell in Mr. Claus, there is even Mrs. Claus who can take you through Elf school teaching you some cooking techniques and calligraphy!

Quebec, Canada

For those of you who love saving the planet, or being as environmentally friendly as possible then this is the place to go. With a Christmas tree made from recycled sheet metal and lights powered by cyclists, Canada is the place to go. The place is buzzing with Christmas vibe and activity in one of the most uniquely decorated places in the world.

With street food sausage and roasted chestnuts around, what could be better. If you really, really want to get into the festivities of it all, then check out some theatre, the Canadians love the nativity it’s magical. If you get tired of it all, there’s always the ski slopes to hit!

London, England

A great place to be around Christmas. Simple as that, the city comes alive during the festive period, no longer is it a grey place, full of grit and smoke, but a well lit vibrant city. There are Christmas markets galore, packed full of street food. What makes it so great, is that the street food is from all around the world, so even in London you can get a taste of traditional taste of India or Germany!

If you want a specific spot, try Hyde Park. The whole place becomes a fantastic ‘Winter Wonderland’ which well and truly gets you into the Christmas spirit.

So why not try out one of these spectacular cities during the festive period. Immerse yourself in a different culture and try something different!

Sathesh Alagappan is a freelance writer based in London. He is interested in sports, politics and business.

Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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