Blogging Opportunity, Aid

By:Isolated Girl

It’s been just few days since Jonathan and I were talking about initiating a magazine (an ezine)

We explored together and planned many things regarding the commencement of this ezine.

To my friend Pawan, who had always been alerting me about my ideas…Thankyou!

Then Jon came up with this beautiful name “Pax Et Dolor” meaning “Peace and Pain”.

I got suggestions from my closest mate Roman. He suggested lovely names like Β “Tathata” and more.

We strongly believed, for any creative and wondering mind, Peace and pain are a must.

And this was the day, we became excited about the idea of our magazine.

Then, we set up our site and as you can see Jon has posted so many things already.

But just Jon and I are not enough, so we would like to call you, all our friends and creative souls, over here to aid us at our initial steps, because without you, we are nothing.

We dream of creating a world of arts and literature. We want to unite all the wonderers of the blogosphere and contribute to the literature and creativities.

Any of your views, comments, ideas, knowledge, aid, suggestion, or anything!,would be very helpful for us and would motivate us.

You can drop your views in the comment section or mail us at our magazines address or e-mail me.

We also want to provide a good platform to the creative writers and thinkers. We have many sections like prose, poetry, travel, photography and cuisine.

We welcome you to shower your better and bitter words about our initiation.

For dropping your entries and writings or any curiosities, mail us at any of our addresses:

@Pax Et Dolor Magazine

“Peace and Pain”



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